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Conspiracy | 9 February 2021
Unmasked: The truth about the 2020 election

Here you go Biden is officially and 100% proven to be an illegitimate president. He is not the president of the US. President Donald J. Trump won the election with 80 to 85 million votes - a massive landslide win. Biden and Harris must be removed from office asap. Since most politicians and judges are in on the high treason against our nation, the military must take charge of the government (if they have not done so already). High treason is punishable by death, so the national guard needs to start building the hanging gallows right now. Our nation will not survive if this massive high treason and election fraud are allowed to go on unchecked. The US military is the only answer to deal with the foreign and domestic enemies. The US military is sworn to protect the USA and uphold the constitution of the US.


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